Voice / Data Cabling

Bestcom provides one of the best voice/data cabling and wiring installations with 33 years of field experience. Each site requires a thorough survey and planning as well as attention to detail in order to complete a successful cable installation and termination job. Our experienced and qualified cabling team works very closely with Telecommunications, IT/Networking, and Security Systems Departments to insure a flawless cabling job. Bestcom tests and certifies all cables after installation to insure optimum performance from the outset. In addition, Bestcom meets all NEC regulations and earthquake prevention requirements.

  • Structured Voice/Data/Video Cable Installation
  • Data Network Cabling via Cat5e and Cat 6 Installation
  • Coaxial Cable Installation
  • Fiber Optic Installation
  • Server Rooms Installation
  • Office/Warehouse Paging Systems Installation
  • Telco Line Extension (T-1, EoC, FoC, PRI, C/O)
  • Building to Building Cable Installation
  • Single and Multiple Floors Installation
  • Cabling Repairs and Maintenance


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